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Party idea #3

Kids – Adorable, yes I know! - Especially the little ones. But they’re curious little creatures and they love to touch things. If you ever have the privilege of planning a party where kids will be present, try your best to place food and other items like cakes (especially the pretty decorated ones), higher than they can reach. Use cake stands and other items to keep things up high. It’s never a full proof plan that they won’t wreck your beautifully decorated food table but at least their little hands won’t be everywhere testing the foods and then putting them back in the tray with chew marks all over them. ><>

Party idea #1
So, there’s a birthday coming up. Let’s get a bunch of balloons and have them fall from the ceiling. How about instead of having the strings hanging all around and spending money having all your balloons helium filled, why don’t we just go to any dollar store, get a bag of assorted colored balloons. Blow them all up (with friends help I hope) and hang them upside down instead. Your ceiling will definitely look different. Just hang them by the string instead with some tape. This way the kids won’t be pulling on the strings and your decoration will stay intact. Just an idea ><>

Party idea #2
Party Favors. I know there are many options, but the most popular ones are the ones filled with candies or chocolates. They take time to make. You pass them out, your guests open them, eat the candy and then throw out the rest. I don’t like that. If someone gives you a party favor, it’s for you to hold on to it, maybe display it somewhere and remember their special day when you look at it. So instead of making something that won’t last but a few minutes, always make your party favor with a different purpose. How about a keychain, a purse holder, or replace the candies with beads. This way they’ll always look pretty and there won’t be a need to tear them apart. ><>

Party idea #4
Just a quick one. So here's an idea to create a photo booth without a picture frame. Just fill a wall in the room with a bunch of balloons of different sizes, add some pom-poms and other items on the wall. Simple, quick and it looks cool in pictures. ><>

Party idea#6
Make your own wreath. Get one of those styrofoam rings, a piece of cloth or two - (whichever color you wish) and a pencil. Cut the cloth in small squares about an inch and a half. Use a pencil to push the square into the styrofoam ring. Continue this process until you fill the whole ring. You can dress it up with a bow. ><>


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Party idea#5
Christmas time is coming.. Time to decorate. Here's another simple idea. Wrap your picture frames as gifts. I'm sure you still have wrapping paper and maybe even some bows from a few years back when gifts were still being wrapped instead of using bags. ><>